Digital Marketing Support


Digital marketing is at the heart of any e-commerce export strategy and is one of the most effective tools to attract new overseas customers.

It is a great way to grow a brand and simply takes creativity, passion and consistency to keep things moving in the right direction.

If you have not yet developed your online strategy or think it could do with a refresh then assistance is at hand to get the best out of new and exciting digital marketing tools.

How we can help:

1. Digital marketing master class

Learn all about the latest techniques and digital marketing tools. Gain in-depth knowledge about the most appropriate and effective use of digital marketing to support your export drive.

2. Follow up one-to-one session

A digital marketing specialist will undertake a comprehensive review of your current and future digital marketing needs. Helping you to create a solid digital marketing plan.

Subtle variations in your online images, style and content will make a big difference to the success of your international marketing and sales.

"I had specific questions to ask and I was very happy with the answers.  This advice will now lead me on to significantly improve my company's digital footprint." 

Roger Daynes, Managing Director, Snowsled Polar Ltd

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