International Market Research


Before entering any new international markets it is essential to carry out detailed market research and evaluate target opportunities.

Market research is considered by many as one of the most essential elements of an export strategy.

Our comprehensive face-to-face and desk-based market research services deliver insights into which countries may provide the best opportunities for your particular business.

Our face-to-face market research advice includes:

  • identifying key elements of your market 
  • entry strategy and help to determine research objectives.
  • planning market research and related market visits.
  • identifying published market reports.
  • briefing of market research agencies.
  • evaluating market research reports.
  • help to prioritise your export markets.

Our desk-based market research service includes information on:

  • market growth trends and opportunities. 
  • business culture and language characteristics. 
  • legislation, import regulations and certification. 
  • primary competitor landscape.

For all research projects we utilise our network of commercial officers and consultants, based in British embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce around the world. 

“The experience of using a market research scheme has given us important skills, access and information about the market.  It was a very useful and valuable opportunity,” 

Alison Howells, Founder, Foot Trails

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